Sunday, August 01, 2004

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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Free Teen Sex Sex story

R U S S' L A I R C O L L E C T I O N

This text file contains sexually explicit
material. If you do not wish to read this
type of literature, or you are under age,

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Archive name: truck02.txt (M/M, M/M, M/F, Oral, Humil, Anal, Force)
Authors name: Russ Lair (russlair)
Story title: The Truck Driver
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The Truck Driver!
Chapter 2
By: Russ Lair

The next week when I pulled into the rest stop I saw that he was already
there. When I pulled up he quickly started to walk towards my truck. His long
blonde girly hair blowing in the breeze. I opened the passenger side door for
him and he got in.

�Hi.� He said, �By the way my name is Terry.�

�I don�t really care what your name is you fuckin faggot! Get in the
sleeper. I�ve been waiting for this all day and I�ve got a big load of cum for
ya.� I responded. He quickly went back into the sleeper and I followed him.

�Did you wear a pair of your wife�s panties like I told ya?� I asked. He
simply nodded his head yes. �Great!� I responded. �Now strip everything off
except for your wife�s panties. Leave them on!� And he started to quickly take
off his clothes. When his wife�s panties came into view I noticed they were
silky and bright pink!

�I don�t have very much time. I need to get back pretty soon.� Terry

�That�s your fuckin problem!� I stated as I was taking off my pants, �Right
now you need to suck my hard cock until I cum down your cocksuckin throat you
little fuckin fairy!�

He was kneeling between my legs before I could even get my jockey shorts
off! �You wanta suck some dick bad don�t ya faggot?� I asked. As he started to
lick his lips he shook his head yes.

When I pulled down my jockey shorts my hard cock bounced out and his eyes
got really big as he stared at it! His mouth quickly found the head of my hard
cock and he sucked it in!

�Damn!� I said, �You are one horny little faggot aren�t ya!� He didn�t
respond. He just started to suck my dick really fast. I grabbed his head with
both of my hands and started to fuck his mouth hard! After letting him suck my
cock for a minute I pulled my cock out of his mouth and moved up on the sleep.

�Just like last time get up here and suck that dick with your ass facing
this way!� I said. And he did as he was told. I saw this pretty little ass
with silky pink panties staring me in the face. I started to wonder just what
his wife�s ass would look like in that same position.

I moved my hand up and started to squeeze and smack his cute little ass as
he continued sucking my hard cock! And then I moved my hand under those panties
and started to squeeze his ass! Soon I found his asshole and started to play
with it. He jumped when my finger made contact with it. Then I couldn�t stand
it any more!

I pushed him face down on the sleeper, grabbed my pillows and put them
under his hips! He hollered out, �What are you doing?�

�You�re a damn good cocksucker but I want some ass!� I replied

�Oh my god!� he replied, �Please don�t do that to me, please! I�ve never
done anything like that before!�

�Well there�s a first time for everything.� I said, �Besides, you suck dick
like a girl so you just might as well get fucked like one! Now you lay there
and be still or I�m gonna go tell your pretty little wife Tracy just what a
great cocksucker her husband is!�

He laid still as I pulled his wife�s panties down on his thighs, exposing
his ass! I had forgotten just what a pretty little ass he had! It was smooth
and hairless just like a girls!

I grabbed the lube that I had in the truck and started to lube up his
asshole. When I did I stuck my finger up his ass and he moaned again!

�Oh God!� he said, �Please don�t do this to me! I don�t want this to
happen to me! Please, I�ll do anything!�

�You�re fuckin right you�ll do anything I want cause you don�t want your
pretty little wife finding out her husband is a cocksuckin fag!� I stated as I
started to lube up my hard cock!

�You can thank my wife for this! She has never let me fuck her up the ass
and I�ve always want to do it!� I stated, �Now I�m gonna fuck your little
asshole instead!�

I then leaned over him and put the head of my cock against his asshole! I
think my cock was so hard that it was even bigger than it�s normal 10 inches! I
started to slowly push it against his ass! He hollered out, �MY GOD PLEASE
DON�T DO THIS TO ME!� But that didn�t slow me down one bit! I pushed until the
head of my hard cock popped into his ass!

He screamed out, �MY GOD IT HURTS! PLEASE TAKE IT OUT!� But I didn�t,
instead I slowly started to slide my hard cock up his ass! I put my hand over
his mouth to keep him quiet! He moaned loudly through my hand as my cock went
deeper and deeper into his virgin ass!

Soon I had all 10 inches all the way up his ass! It was so fuckin tight!
It was tighter than any pussy for sure! I loved it! I stayed still in him for
a minute letting his virgin asshole get use to my rod of steel!

I leaned down next to his ear and said, �It�s over buddy! You are now a
full fledged faggot! You are no longer a man! I�ve taken your fuckin manhood
away from you! You�ve let another man put his hard cock up your little faggot
ass! Now I�m gonna give you a good fuckin just like all faggots like you
deserve! Soon you will be begging me to fuck you just like some girl!� and with
that I started to slowly move my hard cock in and out of his ass, fucking him!

Then I started to slam into his upturned ass hard and fast! He started to
moan as I fucked him with my hard 10 inch cock!

�Take it you fuckin faggot! Take a real man�s hard cock up your little
faggot asshole!� I hollered out!

It was then that I heard him start to mumble but I couldn�t make out what
he was saying. �What did you say faggot?� I asked as I continued to fuck him.


�I�M FUCKIN YOU FAGGOT!� I replied as pounded hard into him, �I�VE MADE YOU

I fucked him hard for a good ten minutes and then I couldn�t stand it
THAT FAGGOT ASS OF YOURS!� and I buried my cock deep in his ass and started to
shoot my cum!


Then it was over and I pulled my cock out of his ass and laid next to him.
After we laid there resting for a minute I said, �Does Tracy your wife like to
get high?�

�She loves it!� he responded, �Put we can�t really afford it right now!�

�Well next week you bring her along and I�ll supply the stuff along with
some drinks. We�ll all get high together! I�ll even let you take some home
with ya.� I replied.

�I don�t think she would come. Beside then we couldn�t do this again if
she was here!� he replied.

�You just make sure she is here! I don�t care what you tell her! Tell her
you want her to meet a friend and that she can get high for free! Tell her
anything you want but you get her ass here somehow!� I stated, �And you make
sure she has on these same panties! Understand!�

�I can�t bring my wife here! I won�t do that!� he said.

�Then I�m gonna tell her that her husband likes to suck other men�s cocks
and that he loves being fucked by real men!� I replied.

�I don�t think she would believe a stranger!� he stated.

�Oh I think she will!� I noted, �Beside, I just video taped our little
episode with this camera.� I took out the camera that I had set up to get the
whole event!

He hung his head down and got dressed. As he was leaving the truck he
said, �I�ll get her here somehow!� and then he was gone.

I went back out on the road thinking about how I was gonna fuck his wife
just like I did him!

End of Chapter 2
Russ Lair (russlair)

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Thursday, July 29, 2004

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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Free Teen Sex Sex story

A Cat's Tale

by Catmandu99
(Codes: mf, rom, teen, cons, safe)

====Chapter One===

It was the meowing of the cat that first got my attention. It was the
girl standing under the tree looking up at the meowing cat that received my
second attention. And third. I probably would have stood there gawking
all day if the very real distress in her voice hadn't diverted my

"Loki, come down! You know you don't like heights."

A cat that didn't like heights? Now there was a new one on me. I did
have to agree though that the cat really was looking miserable up in the
tree. Despite the furry face, this cat's demeanor was `Get me out of this.
NOW!'. Now, I'm a dog person, but no way could I ignore this pretty girl's
plight. I always was a sucker for a damsel in distress. Even one with a
hissing black cat.

I went to stand next to her. "Hi. I'm Adam. Adam Williams. Need a

That was when I was introduced to the most gorgeous pair of slate gray
eyes I'd ever seen. These were the kind of eyes that poets wrote about.
As a newspaper man (feature writer in the school paper thank you), I was
used to cataloging things. No way would I be able to catalog her eyes.
They seemed to shift colors with every thought or passing breeze. Always
gray, but first with hints of blue and then green peeking out of their

I must have been standing there with a very stupid look on my face for
longer than I realized. Next thing I was aware of was the amused look on
this girl's face. I know my face colored a bit a curse of my Irish
heritage and fair skin so there was no way I was getting out of this
gracefully. Thankfully she took pity on me.

"Miranda Evans," she offered. "That rascal in the tree is Loki. He
doesn't like heights, but every once in a while he tries to climb something
and then gets stuck. The problem is that I can't climb up after him." The
last was said with a nod toward her left arm, which I finally noticed was
sporting a cast.

I just winced and nodded. Having broken my own arm a couple of years
back, I could sympathize. There wasn't much you could do with an arm in a

"Never fear, fair damsel," I cracked, "I'm happy to help. I was the
champion tree climber in Mrs. Fisk's 3rd grade class. Well, until Emily
Morrison moved to town."

I winked at Miranda. "She knocked me out of the neighborhood tree house
and took both my pride and my title all at the same time."

Miranda finally smiled at that. "I don't think Loki will knock you out
of the tree, but if you can get him down from there, you will certainly be
my champion."

"Now what guy can resist an offer like that?" Certainly not me.

It was over in a matter of minutes. Thankfully the tree Loki had
decided to climb was a fairly small one and I had no problem hooking my
arms over a limb and swinging aboard. Loki hadn't retreated very far up
the tree yet, but was watching my moves with an almost comical look of
surprise. Guess he didn't expect a nerd would know how to climb a tree.

Look, I cultivate the studious newspaper geek bit carefully. But it
wasn't the sum total of my existence. When I was 5 my Mom decided to
enroll me in gymnastics. I loved it. 3 days a week I was allowed to go
run, tumble and bounce around to my hearts content. (I was 5, you know.)
My Mom received the benefit of a son who burned off all his excess energy
in gymnastics class and NOT in her house. By the time I was old enough to
realize that gymnastics was not considered a manly sport, I was hooked. I
was also really good.

Not many people in town knew this about me. I'd outgrown the local
coaches' skills years before and had been taking my coaching in a town over
an hour away. Even people who'd grown up with me were oblivious.

It did make getting an acrophobic cat out of a tree a snap though.

I handed the still silent cat off to Miranda before jumping to the
ground. Both cat and girl eyed me curiously while I dusted bits of bark
off my palms and jeans. The cat was the first to break the silence with a
chirruping meow. Miranda responded as if answering a question.

"That's what I want to know. How did you manage to do that"

I laughed at that. "You should see me on the dance floor." I executed a
couple steps.

Thankfully Miranda laughed at that and let it go. We chatted for a few
minutes more and I discovered that her and her family (1 mom, 1 dad, and 1
brother) had just moved to Fairview. In fact, she had been unpacking when
Loki snuck out the back door to test his tree climbing skills.

"Actually, I had best get back." Miranda looked at the cat now
peacefully dozing in her arms before glancing back up.

I was wondering how to work the conversation around to seeing her again
when she beat me to the punch.

"Um, since I'm new in town, I was wondering if you would mind showing me
the town." Miranda just stood there looking at me while my brain emptied.

`YES!" I stood there a second, sheepish. "Uh...was that too
enthusiastic, do you think?"

Miranda just laughed and leaned over the cat in her arms to give me a
peck on the cheek. "Thanks. Why don't you come by tomorrow afternoon? We
should have most of the unpacking done by then. At the very least, I'll be
grateful for a break. I live in the old white Victorian on the end of the
street." She gave a nod with her head to indicate which end of the street.

She needn't have bothered. EVERYONE knew that house.

"Aaah. You're the ones who bought the old Stone Sister house. Everyone
was wondering."

The Stone Sister house was a landmark in our town. Velma and Veronica
Stone were spinster sisters who lived together their entire lives. They
were really sweet old ladies, but a little eccentric. Rumor had it that
they were witches. Whenever they were confronted with that particular
piece of gossip, they would just laugh and say that they hadn't gotten to
the section in their spell book on transforming boys into toads just yet.

"Yes, Mom and Dad bought it from a pair of sisters. Did you know them?"

"Faintly. No one really knew them well. If you know what I mean. But
they seemed like personable ladies. The Historic Society was heartbroken
when the Velma and Veronica decided to sell and take a cruise around the
world." I winked at Miranda. "Apparently the sisters were the driving
force of their annual fundraiser."

That got a chuckle from Miranda and Loki even opened one eye to stare.

"I have to go before Mom puts the family curse on me for deserting her.
I'll see you around 2 tomorrow, okay?" Miranda started to walk away before
quickly turning around and heading back toward me.

She leaned in close and gave me another whisper soft kiss on my cheek.
"Thank you for rescuing Loki." Then she was gone.

===Chapter Two==

The rest of the summer passed more quickly than I would have thought
possible. I had gymnastics meets at least every couple of weeks and my
training was stepped up to 4 days a week. I also had Miranda.

Miranda was a bundle of curiosity and humor. She had a twisted sense of
humor that could leave me breathless. After she started meeting some of
the people in town (courtesy of our frequent strolls together), she would
start making observations about them. I think I learned more about the
town I'd grown up in from her observations than I had during the 16 years
I'd lived there.

We got along famously and I had to admit that I liked her more than just
as a friend. I have no idea how Miranda felt. She was fun. She was
bubbly. She was an all around great friend. But, other than those kisses
on the cheek after I rescued Loki, there was no sign that she wanted more.

I'll admit that I was afraid. I'd never had a girlfriend before.
Courtesy of a gymnastic assistant and former gymnast a couple of years ago,
I wasn't a virgin. But I wasn't Don Juan either. Kathy was 16 to my 14
and, for some reason, picked me to help her lose her virginity. We shared
mutual time together whenever we could for the next year. It was sweet,
but it was never more than just physical release for either of us. I
hadn't bothered repeating the experience since then.

I think I was also afraid that once school started, Miranda would find
someone else. Someone who didn't disappear several days a week. With her
body and personality, the guys would be crawling all over her. She could
have the pick of the litter. And while my gymnastics had given me a more
than adequate musculature, I was still a bit of the geek. No way would she
want to stick around.

It was with that thought in mind that I started school in August.
Starting school also meant the return to the newsroom. Well, in actuality
it was the French classroom, but it doubled as our news and journalism
class. Outside of gymnastics, I had a real passion for writing.

I wasn't stupid. Most gymnasts are in their teens for a reason. It's
not a matter of if you're going to get injured; it's a matter of how many
times and what type of injury. A young body tends to heal faster. But the
human body can only take so much abuse before it gives up. I was lucky
that I was a male gymnast. Our best years were usually between 15 and 19
since it takes time and a minimal maturity to build the strength necessary
to perform. Women gymnasts were considered overthehill by the age of 15.

No way was I going to let myself become a broken 19 year old with no
prospects for a future. Writing was my passion and, hopefully, future
vocation. It was also my refuge whenever I was depressed. To my surprise,
I never needed it.

The guys did flock to Miranda just as I knew they would. But Miranda
didn't seem to show any preference and instead continued to hang around me.
We didn't have any classes together, but we ate lunch together. She even
took to hanging out in the newsroom with me when I had to stay late. I
just figured she hadn't found anyone that tickled her fancy. Boy was I

===Chapter Three==

"I want you to take me to the football game on Friday."

I looked up from the article I was working on to stare at Miranda. She
had perched herself on the end of a desk and was sitting with her chin in
her hands just looking at me. My eyes swung around the room to see if
anyone else had been the object of that request. The room was empty. Sort
of like my head.

"Huh?" was my witty rejoinder.

"I want you to take me to the football game on Friday. It's the first
home game of the season."

Nope. I saw her lips move that time, so I knew I wasn't imagining
things. I had no idea why Miranda would want me of all people to take her
to a football game, but I wasn't one to question a gift from the gods.

I attempted to collect my cool before answering. Nothing turns off a
girl like drooling, I've heard. "Are you sure you want to go with me?"

Damn. I blew it. I had the chance and I blew it. Stupid, stupid,

Miranda took a deep breath. "Adam, I have been waiting 3 months now for
you to ask me out. I finally realized that I could still be waiting when I
was an old maid if I didn't take the initiative."

My jaw hit the desk when I heard that.

"So I want to know if you'd like to take me out...on a date...Friday. I
figured the football game was as good a place to go as anywhere else."
Miranda stopped and just looked at me expectantly.

I was floored. "Miranda, I never knew you wanted me to ask you out. I
thought you just wanted us to be friends."

At that, she got off the desk and stalked over to me. I don't care what
the medical doctors say; an angry 5'4" woman can grow a foot when she is
looming over you.

"Adam Williams! I have done everything but tear off my clothes in front
of you trying to give you hints. Now do you want to go out with me or
not?" The last was practically a wail, but I finally got the hint.

I smiled at Miranda slowly. "I'd love to take you out to the football
game on Friday."

A meek "Oh, okay" was the only response Miranda gave before turning
around and heading for the door.

She had almost made it to the door when I stopped her with a truth of my

"I've wanted you for 3 months too."

When I saw her turn with the start of a smile on her lips, I couldn't
resist adding, "But if you want to tear off your clothes, please feel

I heard her giggling down the hall.

===Chapter Four==

I picked Miranda up at 6pm for the football game. When she answered the
door, I admit that my brain froze. I was in awe that this creature would
want ME. She was dressed casually since we were going to a high school
football game. The way she filled out her shorts created anything but a
casual interest in me. The woman had LEGS!

I was never much of a football fan, but I must admit that I had a great
time. Part of it was because Miranda obviously WAS a fan. She was
screaming her head off after every play. After one particularly loud
outburst, the guy in the bleacher row behind us patted her on the back and
told her that it would be okay. Miranda just smiled at me sheepishly and
sat back down. It was the most normal thing in the world for me to put my
arm around her and hug her to me.

There was no way that I was able to keep my arm around her the entire
game. Not with her jumping up and down like a jackinthebox. But after
that, Miranda would grab and hold tight to my hand every time she managed
to sit back down. I loved it.

Dinner was nothing fancy, just some hot dogs grabbed from the concession
stand at the game. Miranda didn't seem to mind though. We ate our dogs
during half time and talked about minor inconsequential things.

By the time I got Miranda home, I was half in love. For her part,
Miranda was slightly windblown and the tip of her nose was red from sitting
out in the sun. She was also beaming from ear to ear. That's when I
kissed her.

It was the tentative kiss of a new relationship. There was no tongue
involved, just warm breath and moist lips. I felt it in my belly. But I
kept my touch confined to only our lips and pulled back way before I was

The look in her eyes stayed with me the rest of the night.

Being with Miranda was more fun than I ever thought possible. We went
to a few more football games since it was obvious (to me and the people in
the bleachers) that Miranda loved football. I also finally told her about
my gymnastics.

If you think it's odd that I hadn't told her before now, you just don't
understand the prejudice some people can have. Most people had at least
one of two stereotypes of gymnasts. They figure we are all gay or on
steroids. Most people believe both.

I don't do drugs. Period. No way was I going to take a chance on my
health or my eligibility. And despite the fact that I can probably bench
press most of our school's football team, I'm considered a pansy because
I'm a gymnast.

I tried to explain all of this to Miranda. I give her credit. Her only
question was if she could come watch a practice. I never practiced better
than when she was sitting at the side of the mats watching me.

No doubt about it. I was in love.

===Chapter Five==

The only time I was uneasy was around Miranda's brother, Mitchell. Her
twin brother. He was never overtly rude, but I could sense his disapproval
every time we met. Once I even walked in while Mitchell was arguing with
Miranda. I heard him yell, "He's not your kind" before Miranda shushed

Quite honestly, I was confused by it. I wasn't the greatest catch in
the world, but I also wasn't anything Miranda should be ashamed of.
Miranda explained it away as Mitchell's protectiveness. Just what he was
protecting her against, I was afraid to ask.

With the exception of Mitchell's obvious dislike, everyone else accepted
Miranda and I as a couple with few questions. I had very few friends since
I had such a busy extracurricular schedule, but they were all the staunch
loyal type. My friend Alex joked that had he known babes like Miranda went
for geeks, he would have invested in pocket protectors years ago. I really
laughed when Miranda informed him that it wasn't my pocket that needed

That earned her a long kiss. As punishment or a promise, I'm still not

Miranda's kisses were out of this world. Every time I kissed her it was
like someone had set fire to my nerve endings. My lips would start to
tingle and my blood changed to fire. There was nothing tentative about our
kisses now. I wanted her so badly I hurt with it. But I also loved her
which meant that I would do anything to make sure she was never hurt. So I
reined in my libido and gave it a good talking to. It didn't work, but I
sure felt virtuous for a while.

For a while.

The end of October found us with a rare Saturday to ourselves. No
gymnastics, no parents, no nothing but time for us. I think it was
Miranda's idea to stay at home. We played a couple of games of chess
before Miranda got tired of being beat and suggested dancing.

Have I mentioned that I love to dance? Particularly with Miranda. Most
girls grab you in a chokehold and have to be dragged around the dance
floor. Not Miranda. She snuggled close during the slow songs, but kept her
weight on her own feet and followed my signals as if she were reading my
mind. Dancing with Miranda was better than sex with most other girls.

I used my hand at her back to press her closer while we swayed to the
beat. I'm not sure what made it pop out of my mouth at that particular
moment, but I never regretted saying it.

"I love you, Miranda."

I was shocked when I heard a soft sob, quickly controlled. Pulling
back, I tipped up her face. Her eyes were filled with tears and I started
to panic. Maybe it was too much too soon. We had only been dating a
little over a month after all.

"Honey, I'm sorry. What's wrong? Whatever it is, I'm sorry. Are you
okay?" I knew I was babbling.

Miranda gave one more watery sniff. "I'm fine. I love you too, Adam."

Finally I started to relax. Until she drew back and punched me in the
shoulder. I knew it had to hurt her more than it did me, but I smiled at
the incongruity of being beat up while someone told me they loved me.

"Why'd you go and hit me? I thought you loved me."

Miranda didn't answer all at once. She looked toward the door. "Loki,
would you give us some privacy, please?" Finally she looked back at me.

"You always hurt the ones you love, Adam. Besides, it was about time
you told me!" Miranda was getting her composure and spunk back. God did I
love this woman. She could still floor me though.

"NOW will you finally make love to me?"

What'd I tell you? I was completely speechless. Good thing words were
not what Miranda was looking for.

Her eyes were telling me everything I needed to know about how much she
wanted this, so I wasted no time in bending down to kiss her.

Miranda's lips were always so sweet. As soon as my lips touched hers I
felt that powerful tingle that always accompanied our kisses. I would know
Miranda blindfolded based on that kiss.

Her lips plucked at mine as I slowly rubbed my lips over hers. I wasn't
actually kissing her, just letting her feel our mingled heat and the
friction of skin rubbing against skin. She must have enjoyed it because
her hands started a restless sweep against my back. I was not going to be
rushed, however. I was going to wring every drop of pleasure out of this,
for myself and for Miranda, as I could.

While my lips started a slow nibble, I let my hand push up under
Miranda's blouse. Her skin was warm and firm and felt better than I had
imagined. I just let my hand make slow circles across her back while I
continued to savor the press of her mouth.

Eventually, that wasn't enough any more. When Miranda sighed into my
mouth, I took advantage. I began to lick the inside of her lips, gradually
deepening my penetration. Miranda was making little mewling noises in the
back of her throat that spurred me on. My tongue was now tangling around
hers and both of us were starting to pant.

I wasn't truly conscious of what I was doing at this point. I was
following my instincts and playing out several of my recent fantasies.
That's how my hands found her breasts. I let the backs of my hands brush
over her nipples before cupping the underside of her tits and just
squeezing gently. I could feel the shockwave that rolled through Miranda
when I started to tug on her nipples. I couldn't let that go without an

I stepped back slightly from Miranda, but before she could say anything,
I had her shirt up and over her head. Half a second later, my shirt
followed. My hands immediately found their way back to Miranda's tits
while my lips found her erect nipples. I continued to rub the underside
and sides of her breasts while I let my teeth tug her nipples. When she
gasped, I let go and gave a quick bat to each nipple with my tongue before
pulling as much as I could into my mouth and suckling. By her arched back
and moans, Miranda approved.

Miranda's obvious enjoyment was setting me on fire. I wanted her so
badly I was about to cum in my pants. I almost cried when Miranda pulled
my head away. She was on a mission though. That much was obvious with how
quickly she managed to discard her pants and panties. Then her fingers
found the zipper to my jeans.

I had to stop her. No way would I last if she touched me.

"Not yet," was all I managed to choke out.

I don't know if she understood, but Miranda looked into my face and
nodded slightly. I pulled her into my arms and both of us gasped at the
feel of her nipples against my chest. Experimentally, I started a slow
slide across her chest while lowering her to the floor.

I knew I wouldn't last long, so I wanted to make sure that Miranda got
off first. With that thought in mind, I resumed my attention of her
breasts. My hand, however, had made its way to her cunt lips. I ran my
fingers up and down gently just trying to find out how ready Miranda was.
Boy was she ready. I was surprised how much moisture had already gathered.
But I wanted more.

I started by running my fingers up and down the outside of her cunt with
an occasional swipe over her clit. Every time I hit her clit, Miranda
squealed. Eventually my finger was poised directly over her clit and I was
rubbing in tiny circles while continuing to suck strongly on her tits. It
didn't take long.

Miranda came with a loud shout and fingers clenched in my hair. That
was my cue. I shucked my jeans as fast as I could only taking the time to
grab a condom out of my wallet and slide it on.

I pushed into her as slowly as I could. She was as tight as I could
wish and I knew I wouldn't last long in her heat. When I finally bottomed
out, I lowered myself onto Miranda and held still. I plucked gently at her
lips until she moaned. Pulling my head back a fraction of an inch, I
whispered against her mouth, "I love you, Miranda.".

That was when I started thrusting. Long hard strokes that I couldn't
have controlled if I wanted to. It only took 4 strokes before I felt the
cum starting to boil in my nuts. Quickly I reached down and took Miranda's
clit between my fingers. I squeezed gently just once and she went off with
another shout. The feel of her cunt walls massaging my cock was too much.
Way, way too much and I too gave a shout as I felt myself begin to cum.

===Chapter Six==

I had never felt better in my life. And I didn't just mean the sex. In
actuality, it felt really good to just have her in my arms (naked didn't
hurt). I loved her and that made what we just shared more than just
physical. I was content all the way to my soul.

"I love you, Adam."

"I love you too, Miranda. I don't do that with just anyone, you know."
I couldn't help it. I felt lighthearted.

Instead of laughing, Miranda just continued to run her hands over my
chest. Feeling concerned, I tipped her face up to examine her eyes.

"Honey, are you okay with what happened? Did I hurt you?"

"Not at all," came the quick response.

There was still something in her eyes though that bothered me. I didn't
think I had hurt her, but I couldn't help but feel that something was going
on in that brain that wasn't good.


"Adam," she cut me off. "I have something I have to tell you. A sort
of secret. But I can't do it right now. Right now I just want to enjoy

She looked up at me with a silent plea in her eyes. "Adam, it's nothing
bad or illegal, but it IS very hard for me to say. Because I love you it's
only right that I share every part of me with you."

I couldn't begin to think what would cause such a declaration. I did
not think that she was cheating on me. Miranda wasn't the type. What it
could be, I had no idea. All I could do was offer my support.

"Okay, Miranda. Tell me when you're ready. But I want you to remember
that I love you. Which means I love all the parts of you. Nothing you can
say will change that."

It was whispered against my chest, but I heard the tiny voice say,
"We'll see."

She WOULD see. I would make sure of it. I made that vow while cuddling
Miranda closer to my side.

===Chapter Seven==

We must have dozed there on the rug in Miranda's living room because we
only woke up 20 minutes before her parents were due to arrive back home. I
was glad to see whatever melancholy had gripped Miranda before appeared to
be gone. She still seemed a bit preoccupied, but managed to laugh when I
joked about finding a bed next time.

Miranda just stuck her tongue out at me. "I'm the one with rug burns on
my ass, handsome. Next time we either get a bed or YOU get to be on

We were back on the couch (fully clothed, darn it!) in an intense debate
over Halloween costumes by the time her parents got home. I was for them
while Miranda thought they were tacky. Halloween was the next night and we
had been invited to my friend Alex's house for his annual Halloween party.
Costumes were optional, but most people caught the spirit and dressed up. I
was just trying to convince her to go as Little Orphan Annie so that I
could dress up as Daddy Warbucks when her parents walked in.

I wasn't thinking about costumes though as I drove home. I was still
mulling over Miranda's earlier words. My mind was trying to figure out
what sort of secret a 16 year old could have that could be so terrible. I
fell asleep trying to puzzle it out.

The next morning dawned clear and cold. Perfect Halloween weather. I
dressed in old sweats as I got ready for my morning jog. 1 mile before
school kept me in shape and woke my brain up. I didn't drink coffee so I
needed something to clear the cobwebs before hitting the hallowed halls of
school. Thank God it was Friday.

My normal route took me right past Miranda's house. Well, it didn't
used to, but once we started dating, I changed my route slightly. Miranda
knew when I ran and generally gave me a wave from the front porch as I
jogged past her house.

I'll admit to being distracted while I ran. My mind was still wrestling
with Miranda and her cryptic comments, with major interruptions of how it
felt being inside of her while I ran. I really wanted to repeat the
experience again. Soon.

My distraction is probably why I never heard the car. I did hear the
scream a split second before I felt the impact against my back. Then I was
flying through the air and at the ground. I never felt my body hit the

For that matter, I didn't really feel anything at all.

I must have passed out for a brief time. The next thing I knew, Miranda
was bending over me crying. She kept touching my face with her fingertips
and sobbing. I couldn't make out the words other than my name over and
over. I tried to smile at her, but before I could try the world turned
gray again.

I could have only been out a few seconds when I surfaced again.
Mitchell was running up to Miranda. When he saw me, he went white. Guess
that told me what kind of condition I was in.

I'm still not sure if I really saw what I saw next or if it was some
sort of delusion.

Mitchell didn't waste any time on checking my injuries. He turned to
Miranda and slapped her. Hard. Even in my seminumb state, I was
outraged. Miranda was shocked out of her tears.

Mitchell grabbed her shoulders and started talking. Fast. "Miranda,
snap out of it. If you don't do something, he's going to die. You have to
concentrate. If you can't be calm at least be calmer. You have to do it.

Miranda just nodded her head while trying to take a deep breath.

Mitchell continued talking. "Mir, I'll help you as much as I can, but
you know I'm not as good at this."

By this point, Miranda was much more in control of herself. Tears still
coursed silently down her face, but she was no longer on the edge.

Kneeling down next to me, Miranda held her hand out to her brother and
kept her eyes on my face. "Just let me borrow the essence."

My world was still sliding in and out of focus when the chanting started
in my brain. It was primal and earthy and demanded a response. It spoke
in the voice of Miranda.

The chanting never ceased, but it was overshadowed when all of my nerve
endings came to life. Pain such as I had never felt before blazed across
my body. I would have screamed, but the pain and the chanting stole my
voice. The pain lasted for several lifetimes before a golden warmth such
as with the sun coming out on a cloudy day started to wash over me. My
muscles went limp. And still the chanting went on.

I came to just as Miranda slumped across me.

I started to sit up in panic, but stopped when my muscles screamed in
protest. Having strained myself in gymnastics practice several times, I
knew that slow and steady were the key words. Of course, Mitchell's hands
on my shoulders also had something to do with why I stayed on the ground.

Seeing the panic in my eyes, Mitchell acquiesced enough to tell me,
"She's okay. Just exhausted."

I would have followed up with a question, but again, Mitchell beat me to

"I'll explain everything, but we need to get both of you inside. We're
starting to attract attention."

I looked around and could see a few curious glances our way. I did
agree that I we needed to get inside. Besides, I was worried about

Mitchell helped me to my feet before scooping Miranda up gently. Even
though he was her brother, I still felt a quick twinge of jealousy that he
was the one carrying her.

===Chapter Eight==

I held the door while Mitchell carried Miranda inside their house. He
was met by the anxious questions of both parents. I could barely stand up
so I just continued to hold the doorframe while Mitchell deflected his
parent's concern.

I would probably still be there if Mr. Evans hadn't helped me into a
chair in the living room. As it was, I only briefly heard Mitchell give an
account of what happened. My mind stalled at the words "fatal hit and run"
and I looked up.

"What?" I croaked. Swallowing, I tried again. "What did you say?"

Mitchell just sighed deeply and pinched the bridge of his nose. Before
I could demand an explanation, he looked into my eyes. What I saw kept me

"Adam, you were hit by a car. A hit and run actually as the driver
didn't bother to stick around and see how you were. It was a fatal
accident. In fact, if it hadn't been for Miranda, you WOULD have died."

Mitchell glanced back at Miranda now spread out on the sofa. My eyes
too traced her features before I was once again caught by Mitchell's words.
Mr. and Mrs. Evans just sat silently with a sad look in their eyes.

"I saw your injuries. You were lying more twisted than a carnival
pretzel. You also had blood running out of your nose and mouth." I dabbed
at my mouth coming away with a handful of blood. He continued a little
more gently, "You would not have survived."

"" It was all I could say.

It was Mrs. Evans who answered this time. "Because Miranda is a witch.
Specifically she is a healing witch. She can't heal herself, but when she
concentrates, she can help those who have been hurt."

Oddly enough, I looked to Mitchell for confirmation that this wasn't
just a crazy dream.

He nodded. "It's true. We all have the power, but it comes in
different forms for every witch. Miranda heals. I have the sight.
Although not always perfectly." He glanced again at Miranda and fell

My mind was spinning. This was a lot to try to digest all at once.
"I'm not sure I can believe all of this.y"

"You have no choice!" The bite was back in Mitchell's voice. "You can
try to deny the facts, but there they are. Pandora's box has been opened
and you can't wish away the results."

I decided to ask something else. "What about Miranda? What's wrong
with her?"

Again, it was Mrs. Evans who answered my question. "She's
recuperating. In order to heal you, she had to pass a lot of her own energy
to you. Sleep is the best way to recover what has been lost."

I started to stand and cross to Miranda when Mitchell's next words
stopped me cold.

"Adam. I think you should go home now."

"No." No way was I being shoved out the door after a revelation like

"Adam." I turned at the tone in his voice. "You should go home.
Miranda needs sleep to recover. YOU need sleep to recover. You also need
to figure out how you feel about all of this. And after THAT, you need to
figure out how you feel about Miranda. Being a witch is not just what she
does, but who she is. You have to decide if you can deal with that part of
her. Go home."

My shoulders slumped and I acknowledged that he was right.

Mr. Evans drove me home (I was in no mood to walk). My parents had
already left for work, so I just went straight to bed for several hours of
sleep. Oddly enough, the last thing I thought of before falling into a
dreamless sleep was the look in Miranda's eyes when we made love.

I woke again several hours later feeling almost human and hungry enough
to eat a bear. After a quick sandwich eaten while standing at the sink, I
went over everything that had happened. Everything I had heard. I still
didn't know what to think of it all. Witches. In this day and age.

Witches were something you read about in fairy tales. Not your
girlfriend. The problem was I had the proof that Mitchell was telling the
truth. I liked to think that I was a fairly rational animal. I didn't
want to be the yokel who claimed there were no such things as bears when
confronted with a grizzly.

So there were real live, honest to goodness, spell casting witches in
the world. Okay. So what? What does it really matter? This wasn't a
fairy tale and I didn't have to worry that my girlfriend was going to lure
me into her oversized oven.

That's when my mind finally started clicking. I was right. This wasn't
a fairy tale. This was life. My girlfriend, who just happened to be a
witch, had just saved my life. More importantly, she WAS my life. I was
more alive and more glad to be alive when I was around her. THAT was what

My resolved firmed; I walked out the door and headed to Miranda's.

===Chapter Nine==

I didn't bother knocking on the door. I just opened it and walked right
in. Mitchell happened to be standing there when I barged in. I looked him
straight in the eye.

"I don't really care if your sister is a witch. I love her. I will
probably always love her. THAT is what's important."

I never waited for his response, but instead just pushed past him to see
Miranda sitting up on the sofa, her eyes trained on the hallway where I was
standing. She looked a little shellshocked.

I walked over and kneeled down at her side. Reaching up, I pushed her
hair behind one ear and looked deep into her eyes.

"I love you, Miranda." It was all I could say. It was everything I had
to offer.

With a loud sniffle, Miranda launched herself into my arms, tumbling us
backwards. In between tiny kisses pressed to my face I heard her say, "I
love you too, Adam."

Sometimes that's the best magic of all. Happy Halloween to me.

2003 Catmandu99. All rights reserved. This material is the
physical and intellectual property of Catmandu99. This story may only be
downloaded for personal archives. Any other use must be accompanied by the
author's written permission.

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Saturday, July 24, 2004

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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Free Teen Sex Sex story

Disclaimer/Admonition: This story has explicit descriptions
of people engaging in careless and unprotected sexual
activity in it, and shouldn't be accessed by minors.

Kids? Try this stuff and you'll probably end up either in
an AIDS ward waiting to die or in the maternity ward
looking at your child before you graduate. Don't rush into
'It' it's not THAT much fun, and certainly not worth the
risks around nowadays I'm glad I'm married! :)

In any case, should this find its way into minors' hands, I
cannot be held responsible I DID warn them.

Author's Note: Okay, this isn't strictly speaking a
"Mikel & Nadine" episode the events herein did not happen
to Dancer and/or myself. The story was inspired by
someone from my alma mater calling me up while Dancer and I
were visiting my folks.

My 10Year High School Reunion was scheduled for sometime
in January after Dancer was to go back to Nebraska. As a
result, I never went firstly the love of my life wasn't
by my side, and secondly I was on the down slope of a blue
funk that would bottom out around St. Valentine's Day, so
why spoil everyone's punch?

But what if...

Disinformation or
Let's Fuck With Their Tiny Little Minds!
Part one

By Empath
, 2001

They made their entrance. A few smokers outside
Diefenbaker High's front entrance paused to look at them,
but were given some smug disinterest.

Nadine was in an attractive dark blue dress that
accentuated her voluptuous form, but at the moment it was
hidden by a sable coat of his mother's.

Mikel was in a light brown suit, covered with a black
topcoat. She insisted he looked good in it, though he
always thought his legs make him look short and stocky in
any suit.

More than their clothes, they wore an aura of confidence
they knew were the most successful, most influential,
most interesting people at this place. Or at least the
ones who would have the most fun...

Inside, they were confronted by a young man who took their
coats. As he was peeling off his gloves, they heard a
woman's voice: "Mikel! Mikel Torsson! You're one of the
early birds!"

Turning, he saw a brunette standing behind a table covered
with nametags. The face was familiar to Mikel, as was
every face he'd seen from birth, but if he hadn't spoken
with the voice recently he would have never remembered her

"Angela Angela Wilkins! Leading this walk down memory

"It's Soper, now."

"Paul Soper? Well, never would've expected that."

"Neither would I we met in a business meeting only six
months ago, and well..."

"C'est la vie!"

Angela nodded, and looked past him. "And this is?"

Mikel looked to his wife. He could see her shyness was
taking hold already; she hung back and was casting around,
trying to avoid eye contact. As he took her elbow to
comfort her, an evil idea entered his head.

Quickly sticking his left hand in a pocket he addressed the
Reunion organizer. "My..panion. Um, Mrs. Sanders?
I'm having trouble with your first name again."

She looked at him with a little confusion, then felt a
squeeze on her elbow the same time his expression changed.
He was looking at her with heavily lidded eyes, and a
smugly aloof smile. If she didn't know his face as well as
she did, she could have mistaken the wink as just a twitch
of an eyelid. She nodded imperceptibly, dropped her eyes,
and whispered meekly "Nadine. It's Nadine Sanders, sir."

"Louder. I couldn't hear that, so I'm quite sure Mrs.
Soper didn't."

Nadine repeated herself with more volume as Angela
distractedly filled out a blank nametag. Mikel was pleased
to see she was rather nonplussed by this. She tried to
cover her discomfort by asking "So, what are you doing

He raked his eyes over the woman before he replied to her
question. "I'm a loan officer with WellsFargo. Mr.
Sanders came to me in some financial difficulty his
business was failing and he needed help to make his
mortgage. After some brainstorming, we were able to come arrangement." At this, Nadine tried to look even
more downcast. "I do so like my profession; it's so
rewarding to help people in need."

Angela was again struck dumb by something, and with a slack
jaw, she held out the two nametags. Nadine took hers, but
stopped at Mikel clearing his throat. In response to an
arch frown from him, she looked downcast again, put her tag
down, took his and pinned it to his lapel, and finally
administered to herself.

Mikel gave the hostess a sly smile. "Good help is SO hard
to find, isn't it? Take care of your finances." He was
rewarded with a halfhearted nod from the thoroughly
shocked woman.

As the couple walked from the greeting table Mikel spoke,
making sure his voice would carry just enough. "And now,
m'dear, I think we will have to discuss this impudent
behavior of yours." He roughly cupped a buttock in his
hand as he steered them to the boys' bathroom.

Once inside, they both broke up in laughter. "What the
fuck was that?" Nadine asked as they leaned against the

"It occurred to me that I'll probably never see these
people again," Mikel replied, his shoulders shaking.

"And you decided to have some fun at their expense?"

He placed his hands on the wall on either side of her head
and leaned against her, kissing briefly. "Turnabout's fair
play, darling."

She kissed him back.

"So, I didn't hurt your feelings?" She gave him a
disappointed look, took his hand, and stuck it under the
hem of her dress. "Does that answer your question?" His
fingers teased her damp slit for a little before she shook
his shoulders. "Mik? There's a security camera."

"Damn, it's gotten worse in here I remember them
installing smoke detectors and there was a big uproar about
that." The couple made their way into a toilet stall.

"They don't have metal detectors." She pushed him onto the

"Only because Canadians don't have guns to be detected."
He undid his slacks and unbuttoned his boxers, freeing his
erect cock.

The conversation ended as Nadine turned her back to him,
lifting her dress to her waist. Her lush bottom was creamy
white, except for the pink fingermarks where he had grabbed
her. Mikel watched as his wife sank onto his manhood,
sheathing him in her moist, wet pussy.

Their lovemaking was cut short by the sound of someone
entering the restroom. Nadine hopped up and put her eye to
the crack in the door. "Who's this tall, cool drink?" she

Mikel joined her. "Er, Bob Stamp. Bit of a jock.
Basketball and hockey."

"He bully you?"

Mikel shrugged. "Not really. Lanky, isn't he?" He knew
Nadine had a slight preference for tall men.

"Quick gimme the name of a friend of his someone who'd
hold parties," she hissed. Mikel wracked his brain,
managing to come up with "Uhhh, er, Jack Jack Webb."

Nadine gave her husband a doubtful look. "Really."

"No shit his folks liked 'Dragnet', the poor fella. But
he was a real ringleader the life of the party. Good
friends with Bob, here."

"Perfect." Nadine gave husband an impish grin, handed her
nametag to him and opened the stall door as her target
started zipping up.

"Bob Stamp! I'd never forget a butt like that!" She
rushed up, goosed him on both cheeks and wrapped her arms
around his waist, pressing her face into his back.

"Uh. Yes?"

She turned him around, giving him a disapproving smile.
"How soon we forget! Jack Webb's Halloween party '89? I
was dressed like a cat and I let you play with my 'pussy'?"

Bob recovered only partially from the surprise. "Uh.

"You swore I had the tightest twat you'd ever fucked. I
think you proposed to me when I blew you afterwards."

Poor Bob was stuttering. "Wwwell, you ccan't hold me

Nadine rolled her eyes, and took hold of his stillexposed
penis. "Offer was made under emotional duress; relax,
boy!" She looked down at the hardening prick in her hands.
"Hmmm, maybe he remembers me better?" She knelt and sucked
the head between her lips.

Her prey sagged against the urinals. Mikel watched with an
even mix of awe and amusement as the man's fingers laced
themselves in Nadine's chestnut tresses. Her head bobbed
for only a few seconds before she pulled her head away.
"There, now he looks like he did back then." She lay on
the floor, raising the skirt of her dress and spreading her

Bob didn't hesitate; he pulled his pants clear and lay on
top of her, his cock brushing against her belly as he
shifted. Mikel was disappointed to see his wife's current
paramour was no better endowed than he was. Nadine didn't
seem to mind, especially when that dick eased into her hot

Nadine held Bob's hips and splayed her legs wide to allow
him to fuck her as deep as possible. She was thrilling
from the sensations of a strange cock in her pussy, and
from the knowledge that her husband was watching. A
temptation to call him out to get his cock sucked was
quickly quashed her new lover would probably freak.

Her legs came up behind his back, and her hands started to
massage her breasts, teasing her passions closer and closer
to glorious release. She sighed at the feel of Bob's rigid
shaft filling her again and again.

And suddenly, it stopped. His rhythm became irregular and
rough and though she liked the hard thrusts against her,
even that stopped. She felt him pulse in her, his hot cum
splashing against her insides and heard him groan. She
looked at him expectantly, even as he pulled his pants up
and thanked her for the quickie.

After she heard the door shut, she hollered out "Jocks!"
She opened her eyes to see her husband crouched next to
her. "Karma?" she asked him.

"I wouldn't blame Bob you can't expect a total stranger
to know your needs well enough. Not like I do, at least."
A hand stroked her cheek while its mate slipped between her
legs and invaded her sodden pussy with several fingers.
She sighed into his hand and looked at him hungrily.

"Care for a push over the top, miss?" He shifted as she
nodded and kissed her as his wet fingers traced her lips up
to her clit. Her moans were muffled as he coaxed her
banked fires back to a roaring blaze. When her legs
clamped together and he felt her scream into his mouth, his
busy lips curled into a smile.

Once she had calmed down, Mikel handed her some damp paper
towels to clean up. Giving her a hand up, he quickly
brushed down her back, ridding the dress of both dust and
wrinkles. They hugged as he exclaimed what a surprising
woman his wife was.

As they began to make for the door, Mikel had an idea.
"You've got a hanky in that purse of yours, don't you?"
She opened the tiny handbag and produced a square of blue
silk that matched the dress. "It'd be better if it had
lace, but it'll do. Here's the plan..."

"Right, but remember we wait until we're talking with a

"Why not doubleteam a lone person?"

"Maybe later right now I wanna blow two minds for the
price of one." Mikel's grin had Nadine imagining a pair of
horns subtly poking from his temples.

"You are totally evil and completely crazy, you know."

He laughed, deep and booming, not caring fir the looks he
provoked. "Aren't I, though? I have to admit that it is
SO much more fun then 'decent' behavior. And remember
these diabolical aspects to my psyche were only awakened by
the interaction with your own sexy, devilish mind, m'dear!"
He lightly tapped her nose for emphasis, making her wriggle
it and frown at him. "And admit it, hon you LIKE me this
way." And, trapping his wife against the brick wall with
his outstretched arms, he sung softly to her:

Think of all the years you tried to
Find someone to satisfy you
I might be as crazy as you say

He quickly licked her ear between stanzas,

If I'm crazy then it's true
That it's all because of you
And you wouldn't want me any other way

As Mikel reached the chorus, he kissed his wife and then
sung out loud:

You may be right, I may be crazy
But it just may be a lunatic you're looking for
Turn out the light; oh, don't try to save me
You may be wrong for all I know
But you may be right!

Nadine smiled at his mediocre singing, tapped his shoulder
and silently pointed behind him. He spun to regard a few
couples and single people watching them. He grinned hugely
and bowed with aplomb. They laughed and some applauded.

As Mikel and Nadine resumed their walk to the gymnasium and
the Reunion's dance, one of the couples moved close to
them. "Is that you, Mikel?" the woman asked.

She was grossly pregnant, her small frame exaggerating the
size of her swollen abdomen even more there was no way
this woman could be confused for fat. She was holding the
arm of a tall, blonde man who looked on everyone with the
bemused expression of a stranger.

On casting his gaze upon this young woman, Mikel exploded
in a falsetto squeal, flourishing the blue handkerchief.
"LISA!!! Lisa Yates; ohmyGOD, how ARE you, my girl?!?" He
carefully but enthusiastically hugged her, 'airkissing'
each cheek. "Oh, listen to me; you'd think I failed Miss
Thompson's health class!" He tittered, and asked "How far
along are you, DARLING?"

Lisa was only slightly put off by Mikel's behavior. "Uh,
eight months. This is our fourth."

"FOUR?!? OhmyGAWD, that's FABulous, just magNIFicent!"
He clapped his hands campily, then leaned close, murmured
"I'm glad SOMEone's working on keeping the population up,
eh dear?" and tittered again.

Lisa was rather overwhelmed by Mikel's performance, but
even so she was aware of his companion's attentions. The
woman was running her eyes slowly up and down Lisa's body,
with a vaguely appraising look.

Mikel finally noticed he was carrying the conversation on
his own, took in the other people, and wailed "Oh, WHERE
are my MANners? My GAWD, my mother'd just SHOOT me,
wouldn't she?!?"

He took Nadine's hand and presented her to the couple.
"This is my darling friend Dini Nadine Sanders. She's
SUCH a dear."

"Um, I noticed you and she are wearing..." Lisa pointed to
Mikel's left hand.

He noticed, and rolled his eyes. "Oh, THAT. Well," the man
leaned in confidentially, "you'll be heartbroken to hear
that Dini's family, though fabulously wealthy, are
pitifully oldfashioned absolute dinosaurs, eh?" Another
titter. "And they inSISted that she had to marry
before she could inherit; atrocious, isn't it? Like it's
even a guarantee for civility, let alone affection, eh?"

Mikel scrunched his face up before continuing. "Well, my
dear, dear biker Jacob left me in the lurch after Sturgis,
and I kicked around the Midwest until I met Dini in a bar
in Omaha. She told me her TRAgic tale of woe, and I knew
a...friend who liked to dress up as a priest such a kinky
one, him and we faked a ceremony for her folks."

He giggled before leaning in to the couple to share another
secret, "We all know the rich tend to inbreeding, so let's
just say that her side of the church was...well, not the
drawer for SHARP knives, eh?" A flourish of his 'queen
hanky' let him step back. "Dini? This is Lisa Yates"

"Campbell." Lisa interjected.

"Who was a positively vivacious member of the
cheerleading squad."

Mikel paused as he took in Lisa's companion, as if for the
first time. He panted slightly and his jaw loosened as he
scrutinized the suddenly uncomfortable man. "This...
gentleMAN I'm not familiar with; and I never forget a face
among other things so I am EAGERLY awaiting for Lisa to
introduce us to him!" Mikel even licked his lips.

"Mikel, Dini? This is my husband Richard Campbell.
Dick, Mikel a fellow 'Diefenbunker', and

Nadine seemed indifferent of the man, though Mikel locked
his eyes on him. "Dick, eh? The pleasure is ALL mine."

Lisa was blushing out of sympathy for her husband, and
loudly announced "Well, we were going to the gym for the

Nadine grunted slightly, and as Mikel leaned over for her
to whisper in his ear, the Campbells took the opportunity
to make their getaway. They were given a parting shot:
"Save me a dance, Lise DARLING; we've got a whole DECade
to catch up on!"

The Torssons quickly turned around and made their way to
the girls' bathroom, failing to hold in their laughter.
When they entered the washroom, Mikel was given some
astonished stares and a shriek or two. He countered "Oh,
reLAX, ladies like I don't see worse things going to bed
with this one every night!" as he guided his gasping wife
into a stall.

"Christ I've got bigger ones than that don't worry
'bout it!" he called to one woman hurriedly trying to pull
her dress back up. "Hi, Trish," he added without malice.

Mikel felt a tap on his shoulder. He ignored it as he
checked on Nadine. "Sorry, hon forgot about your tiny
bladder. If it's any consolation, you played a straight
man that Graham Chapman'd be proud of!"

"Excuse me, SIR; but this is the Ladies' Room"

He whirled on the speaker. "No. Technically it's the
'Girls' Bathroom', and I'm quite sure the majority of
occupants here would sue me for addressing them as 'girls'
if they thought they could get away with it, so maybe we
should ALL depart from this room?"

The woman was nonplussed, so he seized the initiative and
explained himself. "I helped my wife in here because she
suddenly took ill and I'll be damned if some bullshit
unwritten rule of decency is going to leave me stewing
where I can neither help her nor check on her. If you're
offended by my presence, write a letter to someone who
gives a flying fuck, dear." He blew the woman a kiss
before checking on Nadine again.

When they left the stall, the woman was still there,
leaning against the counter with her face stuck in a look
of amazement. She leaned to look at his nametag. "Mikel
thought I recognized the face, but I knew I didn't
recognize the attitude. What happened to you Mikel you
used to be such a 'wallflower.'"

Nadine took over from her husband. "Just the usual shit
buried a girlfriend, had a breakdown, flunked out of
college, healed himself and met someone else.

'Becky' covered her mouth in realization. "Oh my god
Angie! Mikel, I'm sorry I forgot. How are you?"

"Why would you CARE? Obviously he's gotten over it, if
he's with me"

Mikel put a hand on his protective wife's shoulder. "Dini,
darling? Heel. I don't even remember...Becky Hall, so I
don't think she was cause for any noticeable torment in my
school days."

Further comment was prevented by another man entering the
washroom. "Right where's this perv scaring" The tall,
lean man was silenced by catching sight of the 'culprit.'

Nadine lit up, yelled "Aaron!" and dashed to hug the
newcomer. As he laughed, hoisted her into the air and spun
the two of them, Becky was just overloaded with surprise.
"Figures. The only guy from school who wouldn't have
beat the crap out of you is the guy sent in to flush you
out of the ladies' room."

"Ugh punny, very punny!"

"What? Oh! Sorry."

"S'okay. The accidental ones are the worst."

"So what's this about you being an 'S&M banker' in Omaha?
Shouldn't they mean 'S&L'?"

Mikel clapped his hand to his forehead. "The rumors are
spreading faster than I thought Hey lovebirds; let's take
this one to the cafeteria and catch up?"

The four of them were sitting around a table, sipping
punch. There were a couple of groups in the cafeteria, but
most people were in the gym dancing and taking part in the
official festivities.

"And that's how Angie died lying on my lap, thankfully
unconscious, her abdomen turning a livid purple from
internal bleeding. Her pulse stopped seventeen minutes and
twentytwo seconds before the paramedics got there. Took
three of them to get me to let her go." Mikel was the most
collected of the people; he was just ambivalent. Aaron and
Dini she sitting on his lap were somber.

But Becky was wiping a tear from her cheek. "God, I was
right you'd have made a great Hamlet."

Mikel frowned, and she looked at him with a smile. "You
still don't remember me, do you?" He just shook his head.
"Becky? Rebecca Hall? Oh, of course I forgot you
haven't been around for a few years; I switched to my
middle name when I started writing for the Trib! Try
'Joanne Hall'?"

Mikel frowned for a second. "She was in drama club, but
she...had...longer hair. Ah, I'm sorry Joanne/Becky!"

Nadine just shrugged. "He's a guy we can't expect too
much from him." Aaron agreed, and they all laughed.

Mikel looked at his empty punch glass. "So. Anyone want
any more punch while I'm up?" He was handed three quickly
emptied glasses. Sighing, "Right. Fine. Fine. Good.
Dunno how I'll carry four filled punch glasses"

Becky tried to be helpful. "Oh, that's easy Mik get one
of those trays over there."


"If you're bringing back a tray, could you get us some
horsd'oeuvres too?"

"Thanks, Becky. Thanks a lot."

She shrugged apologetically as Mikel left the group. Dini
and Aaron just laughed a little. Holding his arms around
her, Nadine asked, "So how long was the crush, dear?"

"What?" Becky asked, rather surprised.

Nadine smiled deprecatingly at her. "Come. He's my
husband and if you touch his arm much more, there'll be a
worn patch on the sleeve!"

The woman blushed. "It was only a couple of months way
back in sophomore year."

Aaron started. "Oh yeah, he told me about this girl that
wanted him to be in the school play."


"Yes, Nadine. I was in a bit of a 'gothic romance' period
at the time; you know Wuthering Heights and all that. We
were having trouble with the lead, and I noticed Mikel
slouching around the halls. I thought he'd make a perfect
'Melancholy Dane'."

"Jeez if I'd known, I would've warned you off. Mikel was
in his 'Lone Gunman' phase, the boy was totally paranoid at
the time!"

The ladies were surprised. "Really?"

"Oh, yeah. He was drawing up 'worstcase' plans for just
about everything: if the Soviets bombed North America, if
they started a land invasion, if some terrorists took over
the school, if a plane crashed in his neighborhood he
probably had plans for what to do if aliens landed!"

Becky giggled. "He might've had a good screenplay or two
in all that; why'd he stop?"

"Angie why else?"

"Aaron, dear? You're wrong he didn't stop; I still hear
more conspiracy theories during one breakfast than Chris
Carter hears in a month!"

"Hey they're not conspiracies spawned by a paranoid mind;
they're the cynical rantings of a notyetold curmudgeon
learn to distinguish. Here's your drinks."

"Sorry, hon; I'm not that discriminating before my morning

"Bah you're not that discriminating ever."

"Guess not I married you."

"Whose lap are you sitting on?"

"My lovers'."

"The defense smugly rests," and Mikel kissed his wife
before taking his seat next to Becky. She looked back and
forth between the two, trying to decide whether to laugh at
the act, or suggest a good marriage counselor.

Mikel noted her expression and explained. "Sorry, it's
Aaron there he's a disruptive influence. Normally she's
the mild, meek obedient wife that she's supposed to be." A
wink set that statement's veracity.

"Oh! That reminds me I was going to get to the truth of
you being a sadomasochist banker?"


Mik and Dini started laughing. "Sorry, you two it's my
fault. You met Angie Wilk er Soper, who's managed to keep
her cheerful, ebullient personality despite life's shit
diet?" Everyone nodded. "Well, her 'school spirit' always
made my knuckles itch, so I decided to mess with her head a
little, and Dini here was more than willing to be my
accomplice. I weaved a quick story with the 'S&M debt
bondage' angle, and leered menacingly at her. She wilted
faster than a snowflake on a space heater!"

"Oh, but I'm a bad influence on your wife."

"Exactly you distract her attentions from the ultimate
goal of mindfucking every person in this building."

Becky piped up, "But why?"

"Why not? When exactly am I ever going to meet any of
these people again? I live in Nebraska now. And whom does
it hurt? Angela will enjoy and probably already is
enjoying retelling the 'brush with danger' she's had.
She'll be telling that story for the rest of her life; I've
made her more interesting AND gotten a shot at immortality
to boot. Not bad, I think."

"Ah, but what about Lisa & Dick?" Nadine interjected.

"Same thing Lise gets the pride and cachet of having
defended her husband from the unwanted attentions of a
'flaming fairy'."

"What's this?"

Mikel with corrections from his wife retold the
encounter between them and the Campbells.

"Okay that's bullshit, Mik." Aaron pointed an accusing
finger at his friend. "You'd never have the guts for

Mikel pulled the blue handkerchief from his cuff, posed
'camp' for a second, and then kissed the offending finger.
When he began sucking on the finger, the girls squealed and
Aaron yanked his hand back as if burned.

Between gasps of laughter, Mikel said, "Never...ever...dare
me...sonny. I've...I've figured out that ninetenths of
'polite behavior' serves no purpose other than to make us
feel miserable. I've felt miserable enough in my life, and
I'll be dammed if Emily Post and Miss Manners are going to
tell me how to act!"

"Oh and while we're at it; where does this 'lady' get off
handing out marriage advice?"

"Who, Nadine?"

"MISS Manners she's a spinster, by her own definition!"

After the laughter died down, Mikel raised his glass in a
toast. "To absent friends who can't be here for all the

His companions shared a look and toasted rather somberly.
"Why the long faces? Aw, shit guys? I meant Liam, the
grandmaster of pranks!"

Nadine looked puzzled. "Why isn't he here?"

Aaron fielded this question. "He was a year behind us. He
couldn't be here even if he wanted to be."

The woman persisted. "But you keep saying he's older than
either of you two."

"He is, love he got held back in 9th grade for one of his
pranks; hijacked the P.A. system."

"Shame," Aaron mused. "It wasn't even one of his best."

"Yeah I think the goat in the girls change room should've
done it."

"Never remember what he did to Mr. Ryerson?"

Mikel leaned forward, interested. "I never got the details
I only know that he actually laughed at Liam's work."

"Oh. You know how shorttempered he was? Well, Liam got
the idea to sneak into Ryerson's room before he got there
in the morning. He took out all the screws in Ryerson's

Mikel began to laugh though the ladies were left a little
behind. "So?" Becky asked.

"Well, you know what Ryerson was like?"

"No, I never heard of the guy."

"You went to Bedford JHS?"

Becky shook her head. "Lower Sackville."

Aaron accepted this. "Oh. Well, Mr. Ryerson taught
English Grammar and French. One of the annoying things
he'd do is have a short vocabulary test at the beginning of
every class."

"Every class?"

Mik & Aaron nodded. "Every last fucking one. That
wouldn't be so bad, except for the fact that he singled out
the lowestscoring kid and chewed him out a little. Liam
always managed to be that kid."

Nadine looked at her new friend with exasperation. "I
should know better they're just men." She grabbed
Aaron's arms and pulled him forward until his face was
beside hers. "I'm going to ask you quite specifically: WHY

"Oh. Sorry. You see, when he gave the worst scoring
student a dressing down he would pound his hand on his
desk. So then"

"Okay. Thank you, we understand now. I suppose it was
quite funny, and I might have laughed if you had told the
story without leaving out that critical item."

"Like you said, we're men we apologize for our
shortcomings," Mikel volunteered.

"Yeah, just bear with us it's hard for us to change."

Mikel began to think about something, letting the
conversation leave him behind. The others chatted amiably
as he stared at and through the surface of the cafeteria
table. At length, he made a decision. He watched his
companions and waited for an opportunity to jump in.

"Guys? I have something to ask you. I'll understand if
anyone has misgivings; don't be afraid to say no.

"When Angie died, I was far too broken up to celebrate her
life in the way she deserved she never had a wake. I
think it would be a good thing dispel some ghosts, and
the like."

His companions look at each other, getting somber again.
"Now I'm not proposing we go dig her up just so we can put
a bottle of whiskey between her feet and have a party in
her presence! I'm thinking about more of a memorial;
something that would honor that lovely lass and the fun she
had in her short life."

He looked from face to face, getting neutral to slightly
approving looks. "To be specific, I'd like to honor her
with a series of pranks."

"That sounds nice, Mik, but why?"

"Because of her love of practical jokes." Now Mikel was
confronted with three blank stares. "Come on, guys.
Becky, I can understand you not knowing, but I told you
what she was like, Nadine, and you were one of her closest
friends, Aaron. What about the time you three left me
strapped to a spinal board, floating in the pool?"

Aaron chuckled. "A good one, yes, but that was Liam's
idea, as usual. He was the instigator, the Midge and I
were just his willing accomplices."

"Oh. Then I guess she saved her best prank to use on me."

"For God's sake, tell them, Mik. I know you're dying to,"
Nadine said encouragingly.

"Right this was in October of 1990 we were in our first
semester of college. One night I drove her back from our
evening lecture, and we went over our notes for the class."
Mikel looked a little bashful. "And, well...I stayed the

"So I awake the next morning fairly late, since I have no
morning classes. When I'm properly conscious and aware of
why I'm in my girlfriend's bed, I notice that she's not
around okay since she DOES have morning lectures to go

"But I also discover that my clothes are gone, too. My
wallet, car keys and watch are sitting on the nightstand,
my sneakers are sitting under the bed, and my books are on
the desk. But no shirt, jeans, socks or underwear. She's
left me in her bedroom with nothing to wear!"

Aaron snorted, Becky covered her mouth, and Nadine merely
smiled she'd heard the story before.

"To make matters worse, Angie's father is retired; he'll be
sitting in the kitchen reading the paper sipping a cup of
coffee I'd stopped by to pick Midge up one day, and he
and I chatted while she got ready."

Becky frowned. "What Angie was still living with her

"Oh yeah their house is only three blocks from the

"Oh WOW stuck in your girlfriend's bedroom, NAKED, with
her father around!"

"Exactly. I couldn't very well poke my head out and say
'Excuse me Mr. Mann. I just shagged the ass of your
daughter last night, and she took my clothes on me while I
slept in the bed your baby girl's grown up in could you
loan me a pair of pants?'"

The quartet laughed at this, and Mikel resumed his
anecdote. "So, I did the only thing I could I grabbed
the biggest dress of Angie's I could find, put it on
without zipping up the back and grabbed my things."

"What, you put on HER clothes?"

"What else could I wear? I wasn't about to drive home
naked; knowing my luck a cop would stop me. And I thought
about wearing the bed sheets, but Angie's mom would
probably be angrier if I did that. I also noted that all
of Midge's long skirts and dresses were conspicuously
absent. That dang thing barely know!"

"Hang on, you mean?" Becky looked at Mikel questioningly.

"You might not remember Angie Mann was about fourfoot
eleven it's why we called her 'the Midge,' for midget;
I'm not very tall, but most of my height is in the torso."

Nadine took over as Mikel blushed from the memory. "So
imagine this; this hairy bugger comes through the kitchen
at around ten a.m., giving Mr. and Mrs. Mann a quick 'good
morning' in one of their daughter's tiny dresses."

Aaron clapped as he laughed. "Oh, I take it back the
Midge was good; pity no one told me about this!"

"No, wait the best part is yet to come; tell them, Mik!"

"Heh, well I got my revenge on her. I drove straight to
Dal, went right up the lecture hall her current class was
in, breezed right in, walked over to Angie, bent over and
gave her a BIG kiss, walked out giving the prof a
friendly wave, and waited for her outside the door."

Everyone laughed at the image of Mikel in an undersized
dress, mooning the lecturer. "So now do you understand my
reason for the 'memorial pranks?'"

"I like it crazy stuff that'll make us remember her

"Hell, crazy stuff that'll make people remember US

Mikel looked at Becky. "I know you never really knew Angie
hell, we only really met tonight but would be
interested in helping us?"

"Of course sounds like lots of fun, it's for an admirable
cause, and I might even get an idea for a story."


"Oh, didn't I say? I'm the arts columnist for the
Tribune they might print a 'humaninterest' story if I
pitched it to them."

"Weeeeell, I don't know about that. But you're accepted
into the pact, right kids?"

Aaron and Nadine concurred, and she spoke up. "Right then,
do we do all this tonight at the reunion? Seems like a big

"No, this'll take time," Aaron agreed. "How long are you
two here for? I forgot."

"Another week, eight days. How about this: each of us
comes up with a single prank something wild and
entertaining, and the four of us work together to pull each
off? And we take the week to do so?"

The four agreed, and held their hands together, and both
Becky and Aaron said "For Angie" at the same time. As they
started, Mikel added "and the little devil on everyone's
left shoulder!"

As they shared a smile, Nadine stretched. "Uhhhhh, I guess
we'd better get brainstorming someplace quieter; you two
care to join us at our hotel?"

"For a discussion, Dini?" Aaron asked pointedly.


"Okay; Becky?"


Mikel stood, and seemed inspired. "Oh, here's a head start
we've all got to get our coats from 'Ms. Chipper' wanna
push that 'S&M' act a little more? Becky you stick with
me and act very meek and deferential. Aaron, you're in
charge of 'Mrs. Sanders' there."

The two couples formed and chuckled a little as they left
the cafeteria.


Author's postscript: There ya go looks like Thalia
finally decided to put in an appearance in my 'inspiration
queue' (I was worried that Melpomene was getting ready to
'bend my ear again:P ). Hope you enjoyed the fun!

I must give my apologies, but I don't know when I'll get
the other half finished I've got too many 'irons in the
fire' right now to list. Besides, I'm up in the air as to
how far this 'discussion session' should go...

Bah, I'll fob off the responsiblity to the public what
do YOU think should happen in that hotel room with Mik,
Dini, Becky & Aaron? Will it stay platonic due to the
newcomer (Becky)? Will Mik&Dini wait for the others to
leave and fantasize about their friends? (close to
reality:) Will Dini & Aaron link up again, and what'll
the other two do, watch with varied levels of discomfort?
Maybe Aaron & Becky hit it off? (Everyone says married
couples always want to pair off their single friends:)

If you've got any suggestions, drop me a line!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

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